Our practices are inclusive for all people no matter their background, knowledge, or level of observance.

Our ritual is typically between reform and conservative practices, with some kabbalah and hasidic teachings included.

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Temple Ner Simcha is an inclusive and welcoming synagogue that provides services, education, and a complete opportunity for Jews of all backgrounds and worship traditions to have a true home. We are committed to make every experience integrate joy and depth, and strive to constantly make our ancient traditions meaningful through practices that are between classic Reform and Conservative Judaism in observance, with spatterings of Kabbala and Hasidic thought interwoven throughout. We offer a complete religious education program to prepare children for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (with no additional Bar/Bat Mitzvah fees); and with regular classes led by Rabbi Barclay, guest lecturers from around the world, and dynamic programming, our adult education programs are second to none.