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Torah Portion: Angels & Dreams – Jewish Journal Dec., 2016

by David Borys

Angels and Dreams | Torah Portion “A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read” (Bavli, Berachot 55a). This week’s Torah reading begins with the dramatic image of Jacob, having just departed for Haran, having one of the most famous dreams in religious history: “And he dreamt, and behold!

Jewish Journal Celebrates Our Cantor, Sam Glaser!!!

by David Borys

Celebrating the ‘Stages’ of Sam Glaser’s songs | Culture In the 25 years that musician and singer Sam Glaser has been performing, he’s recorded more than 20 albums and played venues big and small around the world. The Pico-Robertson resident does an average of 50 shows a year, mainly for Jewish organizations, community centers and […]

Jewish Journal Excited About TNS “No-Dues” Business Model

by David Borys

Will synagogue’s move to a no-dues model work? | Religion Temple Ner Simcha, a 3-year-old congregation in Westlake Village with about 100 member families as of May, announced this summer that it was moving to a no-dues model that will include not charging for High Holy Day services. Previously, the cost of a family membership […]

Acorn Article on New & Unique TNS Business Model

by David Borys

Temple does away with dues Temple Ner Simcha is taking a leap of faith. The 3-year-old synagogue based in Westlake Village announced last week that it would no longer charge membership dues or for tickets to attend High Holiday services-a break from a long-held, non-Orthodox tradition in the United States.

Rabbi Barclay’s Jewish Journal Article on Faith vs. Fear

by David Borys

Torah portion: Darkness will become light Parashat Devarim?(Deuteronomy?1-3:22)   by Rabbi Michael Barclay Posted on Aug. 10, 2016 at 8:50 am ?Had I not fallen, I could not have arisen; had I not sat in the darkness, He would not have been a light for me.? ? Midrash Tehillim This week?s portion is the beginning […]

The Jewish Black Swan – Article in the Jewish Journal

by David Borys

For centuries, there was a belief among zoologists that all swans were white. This all changed in 1697, when the Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh discovered black swans in Australia. His discovery shocked the world, and from it came the phrase ?black swan event?: an unprecedented, unexpected event in human history that changes traditional understanding […]

Unique Ark of Ner Simcha featured in The Acorn

by David Borys

When Westlake Village?s Temple Ner Simcha needed a new ark in which to house its Torah scrolls, members? prayers were answered in a big way. Read full article from the Thousand Oaks Acorn of December 17, 2015: Read Full Article Here  

Jewish Journal Article on Rabbi Barclay and Weddings

by David Borys

Years ago, long before I was ordained, I asked my friend Rabbi Larry Goldmark where he saw God. His response: ?I see God when I marry a couple. The bride sees the groom; the groom sees the bride; but I see God standing in between them.? At the time, I thought it was a standard […]