Formal Hamentashen Hurl Rules:

  1.  The event is about fun and community building so if you have a problem with these rules, we suggest the prompt utilization of a mirror.

  2. Squares may be purchased online until the evening of the night preceding the event, at which time the online purchase mechanism will be disabled. This time may change at the last minute, so why wait? Avoid the worry! Buy now!

  3. Squares may be purchased on site with Cash, Checks or Credit Card (provided Internet access is available from the park).

  4. After the online square purchase mechanism is turned off, a list of purchases will be randomized and assigned to grid squares.  There will be empty grid squares left in the layout for on-site purchases.   Square ownership information will be distributed at the event.

  5. After all online purchases have been assigned, the remaining non-assigned squares will be randomized and printed onto a separate list.  This ?Randomized Unassigned? list will be used to assign on-site purchases. Should more squares be requested than we have marked off, we will either expand the size of the field or make some other ad-hoc modification to the scheme to accommodate more purchases.

  6. There will be a process by which we randomly assign the location of the launch and direction of aim.  These details will be a carefully guarded secret of the event committee until the event (which probably means they haven?t quite figured those details out yet).

  7. All efforts will be made to make it reasonably possible for any square to be a winner, especially yours.

  8. These rules may (or may not) be clarified or modified up until the day of the event.

  9. Any rule disputes will be mediated by a three person panel of Rabbis flown in from Jerusalem?.no?.wait?.Rabbi Barclay will provide a brief talmudic discourse which shall simultaneously resolve the dispute and enlighten all contestants.