Rabbi Barclay leading one of our popular monthly Talmud and Tobacco meetings

Temple Ner Simcha Men’s Club is an extraordinarily diverse group of men of all ages and a variety of backgrounds. We all share a desire to serve our synagogue and community, gather as friends, and preserve and promote Jewish religion, culture, and values. Activities are the heart of the TNS Men’s Club. We have regularly scheduled programs every month. Come to one and see what all the excitement is about! See the Activities tab below for information on upcoming events.


Men's Club Talmud & Tobacco, November 5, 2014 ... Fascinating discussion on Dreams and Judaism with over 30 members!

Men’s Club Talmud & Tobacco, November 5, 2014 … Fascinating discussion on Dreams and Judaism with over 30 members!


Wine tasting and wine-making event, sponsored by the TNS Men's Club

Wine tasting and wine-making event, sponsored by the TNS Men’s Club

Men’s Club Monthly Breakfast – Fun, Food and Friends!

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Serve the needs of TNS and the community.

Produce new and exciting programs for our members and synagogue family.

Support our synagogue affiliates, operating needs, and educational programs.

Preserve and promote Jewish religion, culture, and values.

Involve Jewish men in Jewish life.

Support each other with a wide range of programs addressing important men’s issues.

Gather with friends.

Get involved with TNS Men’s Club by coming to one of our events or contacting our coordinator:

Larry Storch
(805) 338-1793

We have many open Board positions and a core group of individuals who assist in our programming.

Generally, evening activities start between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. and Sunday morning activities at 9:15. Schedules are subject to change, so always confirm just prior to an event.

Monthly: Talmud & Tobacco at Bogie’s at the WLV Inn.

Yom Hashoah Candles
Men’s Club fulfills its responsibility to the Jewish community and to the memory of the Six Million by offering Yom Hashoah candles to all TNS members.

Yom Hashoah Essay Contest
The Men’s Club sponsors an essay contest on a holocaust related topic for the tweens and teens of TNS.

Tikun Olam
Men’s Club supports the broader community with a variety of outreach activities, including participation in Mitzvah Day and a food and toy drive and is planning an annual Magic & Mitzvah event.

Religious Holiday Activities
Every year, Men’s Club will support our religious festivals with activities such as ushering at the High Holiday services, providing funding for the High Holiday services, building the TNS succah, providing goody bags at the Chanukah menorah lighting, sponsoring religious activities and supporting the Purim Event.

Upcoming Men’s Club Events

Community Succah Build and Brunch! @ Rabbi's House
Oct 11 @ 11:30 am


Come have brunch, and build the structure of the community Succah at Rabbi Barclay’s home.  We will be bringing out the wood and building the basic framework (the entire succah with fronds cannot be built until after Yom Kippur), and sharing light food, coffee, and laughs…

If you have your own electric drill, please bring it to make things go quicker; but most importantly, please come celebrate the preparation for this happiest of holidays as we start building the Succah!

Talmud & Tobacco in the Succah! @ Community Sukkah @ Rabbi Barclay Residence
Oct 16 @ 7:30 pm

Talmud & Tobacco:

The Hidden Secrets of Sukkot:  Manifesting Your Dreams of Love, Success and Even Children Through Observance of the “Holiday of Our Happiness”

Learn how to manifest the deepest dreams of your soul into physical reality through a more full understanding of this powerful holiday…the only holiday in which we are commanded by God to be happy!  We will study ancient texts together and learn how our Sages used Sukkot to create daily miracles in their lives.

This class is only open to those over the age of 21.  As always, cigars will be provided by the TNS Men’s Club, but for this one event, we ask people to consider bringing fine spirits to share as we enjoy the studying under the shade of the Succah.  As always, this class is open to everyone:  make and female, smoker and non smoker (there is a non-smoking section in the Succah).


Men’s Club and Sisters of Simcha Potluck Shabbat Brunch @ Community Sukkah @ Rabbi Barclay Residence
Oct 19 @ 11:00 am

Men’s Club and Sisters of Simcha Pot Luck Sukkot Shabbat Brunch

Meet the members of the temple auxiliary groups, and learn about what they are doing as we come together for a delicious potluck breakfast. The Barclay kitchen will be available for any preparation needs, so come enjoy Shabbat morning with old friends, new friends, and a terrific meal in the Succah.

Please bring dairy/pareve dishes to share with others.

Hookah in the Succah! @ Rabbi's House
Oct 19 @ 7:00 pm

It’s time for the annual Hookah in the Succah!  This event, developed originally by Rabbi Barclay years ago, has been copied by synagogues all over the country…so come experience the original!  Celebrate Havdalah and Sukkot with multiple hookahs (water pipes filled with flavored tobacco from the Middle East) as we learn about the holiday and experience the same sense of community in this holiday that our ancestors did thousands of years ago in Israel.

The evening is only for those 18 and older, as there will have tobacco smoke; and cigars will also be provided.  Feel free to bring fine spirits of your choice to share, and be prepared for a wonderful evening of camaraderie.